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Thank you for visiting the Intercultural Engagement Center (IEC) page.  We hope you are able to find resources that you need to support your student experience here at Virginia Tech.  If there is anything that we can do better, please let us know! You'll also want to come by to check out additional resources. 

You can find community and resources in the centers in the following locations:

  • American Indian & Indigenous Community Center – Cardinal Room, 1st floor of Squires
  • Black Cultural Center – 125 Squires
  • Hispanic Latino Cultural Center – 309 Squires
  • LGBTQ+ Center – 312 Squires
  • Multicultural Center – 140 Squires
  • Intercultural Engagement Center (main office suite) – 150 Squires

You may also find support through accessing the Dean of Students page: Students can find support in Student Advocacy (109 E Egg), Cook Counseling (McComas), through your on-campus residence, myriad places of worship and faith. Faculty and staff may seek support through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We also encourage you to engage in the myriad opportunities already underway to increase dialogue and cultural understanding. Some of these upcoming events are listed on the Google calendar below. If you are hosting an event and don't see it here, email us at to get it added!

And find additional resources and events on our Facebook page:  and by using the “diversity” tag to filter events on Gobblerconnect.